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Tony Eng

I have been a professional photographer for over 15 years. I specialize in Wedding, Dance, and Celebrity Portraiture. I have photographed weddings all over the world and have photographed for shows such as "Dancing With The Stars". I am also the owner of DecaDance Photography: Specializing is Dancesport Photography.


I would say my style is a unique blend of action photography, fashion, beauty, and art. My artistic approach to your wedding experience will provide a photojournalistic feel to capture all your memories on your special day.


When I shoot your wedding, I will treat your wedding as if it were my own. This means I will pay attention to every detail, to capture the best angle, and create the most magnificient images that will capture the true essence of your entire day.


When I'm note taking pictures, I enjoy spending time with my family, my fiance ( and planning my own wedding ), or travelling. 


The best part of being a wedding photographer is knowing that I will create images that will help each couple remember and re-live the laughter, love, excitement, and romance of their wedding day for many decades to come. Images that will be shared by family, friends, and loved ones for a lifetime and forever.

Anjulena Renee

I have been doing photography my whole life. My father was a professional photographer in Hong Kong for many years before he and my mother came to America. I started studying photography, film, media, acting, dance, art and music throughout my high school and college career.


I blame my father for my fascination with taking pictures. We never went anywhere without a camera! My father took pictures and video of everything we ever did on family vacations and family gatherings with friends. He would pose us for pictures and often shoot candids we were unaware of. I was always fascinated by my mother's beauty and grace and how my father would often photograph her.


It was not until I was older and after I became a professional dancer that I realized how important it was to have pictures of everything! Life's moments pass by so fast. Having pictures of each and every special moment of our lives not only helps us re-live these beautiful moments, but to remember them forever. Even when people have past or no longer in our lives, their memories live on forever. 


My photographic style is passionate, emotional, nostalgic, sensual, and breath taking. Just like my dancing......I believe pictures should tell a story, capture intense emotion, show depth, yet simplicity. Each picture I take will stir up emotions that can transport you to another time and place. 


I am a Master at creating and capturing a scene through imagery and emotion. With my training in acting, modeling, television, film, art, and dance, I will help you capture your true essence, personality, sensuality, comedic, innocense, or rugged sense of style in any photo I take of you. 


I have also worked as a professional make-up artist, costume and jewelry designer, and a lighting specialist for many shows, celebrities, dancers, and actors. 


With my decades of dance training, you will pose or learn to pose for every picture with comfort and ease. My specialty is working with ordinary people and helping them look phenomenal for their wedding first dance! Helping you create gorgeous lines and angles with your body so you look great while moving or standing.


When I'm not doing photography or teaching dance, I enjoy travelling and spending time with my family and my pets. I am also involved with charity work, and teaching classes on fitness, ettiquette, beauty, and writing my soon to be published book!




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